Client Feedback Workshop

Client Feedback Studies - Enhancing Your Business

An Educational Workshop for Managers and Directors

This one-day workshop provides a thorough explanation of client feedback studies and how to incorporate client feedback effectively into the business plan.

The benefits for managers attending this workshop is a full understanding of how client feedback can impact a firm’s business plan, how client complaints can be anticipated and avoided, and how direct cost savings can be made from knowing what clients actually want from a service or product range.

The session is non-technical and participative, with questions and discussion encouraged throughout. Hard copies of all course materials are included.

The workshop is run by Karen Shackleton, a director of Keith Shackleton Associates Limited. (See biography).

Workshop outline

  • Clients and their opinions
  • Feedback on different aspects of the business
  • Types of feedback studies
  • Example: structuring a third party feedback study
  • Workshop: drafting an outline feedback study for participants’ own companies
  • Dealing with complaints
  • Incorporating feedback effectively into business plans
  • Benefits of feedback studies

Suitable for:

  • Managers and directors
  • Marketing teams
  • Client service departments

For further information, or to book this workshop, please contact Karen Shackleton.