Independent, qualitative and quantitative research to keep you informed in a changing environment.

A recurrent challenge for managers in today’s rapidly changing environment is to keep abreast of products, clients and markets. At KSA we specialise in focussed, investigative research, uniquely tailored to your particular needs.

Client Intelligence: We work closely with you to elicit feedback from your clients, on the quality of service you provide. We design tailored questionnaires that will help you identify areas for improvement, marketing opportunities and new product development. Our quality research encompasses written, telephone or face-to-face interviews with your clients involving confidential, frank discussions of the service that you provide. Based on your clients’ feedback, we prepare actionable recommendations that can be incorporated directly into your business planning. We also offer training on how to solicit feedback from clients (see Client Feedback Workshop).

Product Research: We undertake qualitative and quantitative research for new and existing investment products. We design tailored surveys that can be sent out by post, conducted by telephone or carried out face-to-face. We analyse responses and provide you with valuable information about market opportunities and constraints. We carry out cost-benefit analyses for new or existing investment products.

Why use KSA for investigative research? We find that feedback is more readily volunteered when discussions are held with KSA as an objective third party. Once we have signed a confidentiality agreement with you, we reassure your clients that their feedback and identity is being treated in full confidence and with the utmost discretion. We generally encourage your clients to give permission for their feedback to be passed on to you on a fully attributed basis, but we do recommend that they are given the opportunity to give off-the-record, or non-attributed feedback as well. Such comments often provide you with the most valuable feedback, precisely because of their sensitive nature. We focus on providing you with relevant and discerning feedback for your company.